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ME-Retail SolutionsInconvenienced by the burden of having to store large volumes of goods, purchase the right packaging for delivery, as well as make sure they’re safely delivered on time to your customers? Never deal again with these cumbersome and costly issues with ME-Retail’s Merchant Module, a comprehensive service which saves your time and money, so that you can focus instead on your online store and blogshop. And here’s how we do it:

1. Your products are picked up.
– After entering your online store products on our Merchant Module, we will arrive right at your doorstep at a specified time of your choice to collect the products that you keyed in on our Merchant Module

2. Your products are transported.
– After picking up your products, we will transport it with great care over to one of our many warehouses, which you can also choose, where we will safely catalogue and securely store it.

3. Your products are packaged.
– As soon as any of your online store products are purchased, we will automatically process the purchase to indicate

4. Your products are delivered.
– Once we have properly and neatly packaged your products, we will deliver it over to their designated doorsteps, be it is in Pasir Ris, Singapore or Paris, France. Meanwhile, you can track the progress of your sold goods using our Merchant Module throughout all its journey, from our warehouse to the homes of your customers.